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Frequently Asked Questions

The team's ultimate goal is the launch of a STO with stablecoin dividends regularly paid to token holders. This site helps to demonstrate the viability of that vision, whilst also driving revenue used to further develop the ecosystem.

In Nov 2022 when the delusions of a certain philanthropic boy wonder and his crew of risk management geniuses operating on God Mode were exposed, the team took a massive hit and trading was temporarily halted. We have since regrouped. In-house trading will resume soon.

Life is more nuanced than your average crypto social media personality might have you think. The team’s primary focus is the continued development of the strategies behind the trading alerts. This will lead to automated trading and ultimately culminate in the launch of a semi-autonomous hedge fund. This is an expensive undertaking. For now, this site helps to further development and serves as proof of concept for new investors.

The Meta Signals algorithms look for very specific confluence across dozens of key indicator data points. If only a handful of pairs were covered, alerts would be rare.

Alerts from Meta Signals are based primarily on the TA teachings of Sir Eric Krown. They are generated by proprietary algorithms developed over more than three years by a team of certified TA and math nerds. The result is a consistent and statistically reliable edge.

The vast majority of crypto trading signals on the market today are based on overly simplistic criteria that may provide some winning trades in certain market conditions, but do not provide a significant long term edge.

No matter how experienced the trader, there are only so many time frames and pairs that any one person can monitor effectively. The alerts help to call your attention to potentially decisive moments in PA for a specific pair on a specific time frame.

The provided stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) values are especially helpful for new traders who may correctly see that a move in price is coming, but still struggle to identify where to exit.

The edge is the trader's advantage over the market. It is derived from trading within a pre-defined system.

In the game of Blackjack there exists a mathematical edge in favor of the house. If played blindly, given enough time the house always wins.

However, the player can gain an edge over the house if he is able to keep track of the "count" and increase his bet size when it is in his favor. Unfortunately, the moment he his caught chipping up and down with the count, he will be escorted out and banned from returning.

Similarly, in trading those who attempt to profit blindly based on emotions, social media sentiment, or "news" may experience periods of success, but are almost certain to lose in the long term.

But when you trade according to a proven system with rigorously tested pre-defined rules, the mathematical edge is in your favor – and unlike our Blackjack example above, there are of course no rules against trading a profitable system.

It's vital to understand that the edge plays out over time.

Just as an elite level card counter still cannot predict the outcome of a single hand of Blackjack it is impossible to know the result of any one alert. A disciplined trader trades within a pre-defined system. He wins and loses. And with enough time and proper risk management he wins more than he loses.

Mark Douglas, author of the classic Trading in the Zone sums up the general principal well, “A finite number of traders participate in the markets... Many of these traders do the same kinds of things over and over in their attempt to make money... These behavior patterns are observable and quantifiable, and they repeat themselves with statistical reliability.”

While traded blindly over time the alerts provide a significant edge, a fundamental understanding of technical analysis (TA) is still highly recommended. If you’re not inclined to learn the basics of TA, check out the curated alerts provided by Meta Signals Lite.

An alert is simply a call to action to asses a particular chart at a given moment in time. Alerts do not predict the future. Over time they provide a significant statistical edge. However, the result of any one alert is always unknown. Proper risk management can allow you to stay in the game long enough to benefit from the edge provided by the alerts.

This depends on your trading style and the chart characteristics at the time of the alert. Some traders may choose to enter immediatley, while others may prefer to wait for confirmation or look for a better entry within the context of the chart and time frame.

Refer to the #historical-results channel in the Discord server. There is no hard rule, but in most cases if the alert is going to play out, generally the beginning of the move is seen within six candles.

No! We have not built an all seeing and all knowing oracle. We have built a series of algorithms that over time provide a consistent edge. Significant moves in price will regularly take place without an alert being triggered. As the project progresses new strategies will be developed and alerts will become more frequent.

Each alert provides at least one (and up to three) TP values. The most conservative way to trade the alerts is to set your TP at Target 1. Traders with some experience may decide to take partial profits at each TP value or identify their own targets beyond the values provided by the alerts.

An algorithmically generated Stop Loss value is included in each alert. To increase your win rate (and risk) exit only after a close above (short) or close below (long) the Stop Loss value.

The frequency of alerts depends on numerous factors that fluctuate over time. View the #historical-results Discord channel for a better idea of what to expect.

At beta launch, the majority of alerts will come at moments of potential reversal in PA. As the project progresses, new continuation and rangebound trading strategies will be added.

A dashboard visualizing both live and historical results will be released in Q3, 2024. Until then check out the #historical-results channel in the Discord server.

Alerts appear in different channels within a dedicated Discord server. You can use Discord’s settings to enable or disable notifications for specific time frames.

Discord is a free digital distribution platform accessible from any web browser or via a dedicated app for Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS platforms. You can register for a free Discord account on their website.

Meta Signals monitors Binance USDT perp pairs. However, especially on higher time frames and for pairs with high liquidity, since prices across the major exchanges are similar, trading on sites other than Binance is a viable option.

Similarly, even though the alerts are based on data from the USDT perpetual futures market, they can still be traded successfully in spot markets, especially on higher time frames where a very slight difference in price won't affect the overall result of the trade.

That would be extremely disappointing. But crypto trading will continue and the team will pivot to alerts based on data from an alternative exchange. The transition may result in a few weeks of downtime.

Meta Signals currently tracks the most popular Binance USDT perpetual futures pairs - and some pretty obscure ones too! Requests for other pairs are welcome and may be added based on demand.

The NFT can be purchased with ETH. Holders receive lifetime access to all current and future alert types and pairs offered by Meta Signals. The Mogul tier is available via and is payable in USD only.

For the Mogul tier, you can manage your membership from within your Whop account and cancel anytime.

NFT - The Meta Mafioso NFT provides lifetime access to all current and future alert types and pairs. It carries a strict no refund policy. If you are not ready to commit to lifetime access, consider a USD subscription.

All USD subscriptions come with a 7-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply initiate the refund request from within your account and your request will be granted within three business days. Keep in mind that drawdowns and losing streaks are part of the game. A long term edge plays out over time.

While every effort is made to keep the Service running 24/7, outside of the initial 7-day period for USD subscriptions, there will be no refunds given, either partial or full in the event of downtime.